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Scarlet FAQ module on desktop resolution



UI/UX Design



Scarlet wants to offer its customers simplicity and flexibility.

Scarlet wants to offer its customers simplicity and flexibility. Of course, the provider’s website should also reflect these values. That’s where Bewire stepped in. We optimized with an improved user interface and a new FAQ/Contact module, which takes each visitor’s personal needs into account. The result: an online tool that is defining for the total Customer Experience.

Scarlet FAQ module on iPad

User Experience ≠ Customer Experience

Needless to say, Scarlet customers needed to feel good about their visit to the website. But something bigger was at play. Because the project’s aim was to improve the total Customer Experience. And although UX and CX could easily be mixed up, they aren’t quite the same. While UX is the feeling one gets when interacting with an application, CX defines the interaction between an organization and its customers, at every step of their relationship.

The simplest path to your solution

What’s the shortest way to the solution you need? How can you avoid picking up the phone, sending an e-mail or having a dull chat with a bot? These were the questions our commercial colleagues needed to answer. They ran through various scenarios to come up with the ideal visitor path. Is no immediate solution at hand? Then the customer will now get an alternate recommended contact option, according to the time of day.

Scarlet FAQ module on iPhone X
Scarlet FAQ module on tablet resolution

Responsive in all circumstances

Nowadays, it’s the Olympic minimum to make your websites and apps work on all kinds of devices and screens. In Scarlet’s fast-moving market, responsiveness means business. Visual quirks, bugs or slow loading times could rapidly result in the loss of sales. That’s why we made sure that everything runs smoothly and looks crisp on every phone, tablet or desktop.

Responsive, tailored, flexible, simple … add it all up, and it’s clear that this tool will boost Scarlet’s Customer Experience. And that’s exactly how market challengers make a difference!

Everybody was quite impressed by the intelligent design, the simplicity of use and the efficiency. It will become a source of inspiration…

— Scarlet