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Bewire enables efficient archiving at VIAA

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Efficient archiving processes

Archiving thousands of incoming files of various formats every day? Sounds like a Herculean task, but the VIAA is up to it. Bewire helped this Flemish institute achieve its mission by developing efficient archiving processes.

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Tailored solutions for VIAA

The VIAA – short for Vlaams Instituut voor Archivering – saves culturally significant material for eternity. Every day, this institute digitalizes and archives audiovisual files from cultural institutions, cities and communes across Flanders. It’s a unique mission that requires highly specific technological applications. Now wait … so tailored solutions are needed? That’s where Bewire comes in!

Mule enables flexibility

Matthias Priem, Archiving Manager at VIAA: “We wanted to integrate all audiovisuals of national broadcaster VRT in our archives. However, VRT uses its very own archiving system. To tackle this, Bewire wrote a complete process flow based on the integration tool Mule. As a result, all incoming files of VRT are now automatically and smoothly taken up in our backups.”

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From analysis to development

VIAA also wanted to open up 1,2 million files from the WWI era to the public. Matthias: “We were dealing with 56,000 newspapers and 270,000 pg’s in various formats. Bewire conceived a process that enabled easy public consultation of all of those files, taking care of every aspect: from the first analysis to the design and development. And this is only the beginning, because we have many more challenges to face, like digitalizing old material of over a hundred organizations. But thanks to our partner Bewire, we can look forward with confidence!”.

Bewire helped us optimize various archiving processes. Handling floods of incoming material has become so much easier.

— Matthias Priem