Working in close harmony for Gustaf

Bewire helps to launch platform for digital sheet music

When you’ve got a great business idea, you just can’t wait to get it up and running. It’s something we at Bewire understand very well. No wonder that tech startup NeoScores partnered with us to launch their web app for digital sheet music. After no more than 2,5 months, Gustaf was already online: a timing that sounded like music to NeoScores’ ears … pun intended.


  • Prototyping / Testing

  • App Development

  • Java Development

Driven by passion

Gustaf is an award-winning web application that enables you to buy, download, save and use digital sheet music. It’s one of those great apps that makes you think: “why didn’t I come up with this myself?”. The company behind Gustaf is the Belgian tech startup NeoScores, which is driven by pure passion for music. As passion also drives us at Bewire, we soon struck the right chord.

Agile way of working

It all started when Neoscores’ founders asked project manager Peter Leclerq to write functional specifications for their webshop. Peter: “We only had a few months to work out a planning, set up procedures and launch the project. Bewire helped us define the architecture, decide which available components could be re-used, and so on. All of this combined with a very agile way of working, backed by Jira software.”

Online in 2,5 months

Peter: “In the second phase, Bewire helped us tackle functional aspects such as the catalogue’s search functions, showing search results, metadata … In the last stage, we focused on bug fixing and optimalizing the webshop. Overall, we went from scratch to the launch of Gustaf’s first online version in only 2,5 months. That result surely deserves an applause, as we worked in close harmony … like an orchestra.”

"Thanks to Bewire, we were up and running in 2,5 months. Our idea became reality sooner than we hoped for. This was music to our ears. "

Peter Leclercq, Gustaf