Your colleagues are just a tap away

A brand new contacts app for Contribute Group

If your organization has grown to over 200 employees, you want to make sure they can all find each other smoothly. It’s exactly the challenge that Contribute Group, Bewire’s parent company, was facing. We enabled all of its employees to connect in just a few taps. A handy solution, wrapped up in a good-looking app.


  • UX / UI

  • Prototyping / Testing

  • App Development

We get our kicks from performance

To make sure the app ran as fast as possible, we built and tested it in different frameworks. Mobile app framework Ionic gave us the flexibility to customize the look and feel as much as we wanted. However, its lack of ‘native feel’ made us look for another solution. That’s when NativeScript came into the picture. Because of its Javascript base, we were able to launch a truly native app with a custom design in no time.


Connecting experts

As we are part a of a large group, we can rely on experts from other companies. They provide support in areas outside our own expertise. Although we mostly work on different premises, our co-workers are never further away than a tap or swipe. From each profile in the app, it’s possible to make a phone call or send an e-mail with a single click. You can even browse to check out a colleague’s specific skill set.

  • Contribute Contacts app - Profile screen
  • Contribute Contacts app icon
  • Contribute Contacts app - Overview screen