Designing Bewire’s own corporate identity

A strong brand to reflect our innovative spirit

At Bewire, we are constantly on the move. Not that long ago, our story started with C4J. As we kept growing, we needed an image that kept pace with our dynamism. No problem: we have enough design talent in our ranks to create a unique corporate identity.


  • Concept

  • Design

  • Branding

  • Editorial Design

5 companies… and we keep on growing!

Since 2010, C4J offered Java expertise as a part of Contribute Group. As we wanted to offer clients a complete package, we had to transform our internal structure. So in 2015, we started supporting customers with all their frontend, backend and integration needs. C4J was therefore split up into three enterprises: Evance for frontend, C4J for backend and Dots&Arrows for integration. These entities needed a mother company to coordinate teams, keep them happy and ensure further growth. That’s when Bewire was born.

One of a kind

Exquisite branding is what makes or breaks a new company. You need a unique recognizable visual identity. That’s why our designers came up with an image that reflected Bewire’s unique approach.  Every aspect was created from scratch, starting with a company logo. This expanded to a complete corporate identity including business cards, stationary, presentation maps, even t-shirts. For new blood, we designed a brochure that guides them in their new environment. And Bewire keeps expanding, with fresh sub-companies, social events, internal applications … all of this is strengthened by our strong branding.