What Trase offers

  • Blockchain

Money makes the world go round. In our digital age, this is more true than ever. However, the faster transactions move, the more traceability you will need. This is where Trase comes in, Bewire’s specialist in Blockchain and Smart Contracts.

Keeping track of every transaction

Every day, countless transactions are making the world turn. As everything keeps moving faster, traceability is increasingly needed. That’s why Trase offers unique expertise in Blockchain and Smart Contracts. We combine strategic advice with technical expertise, in order to come up with sustainable and effective solutions.

Blockchain ensures stability and security 

Trase’s first activity pillar is built on Blockchain: a decentralized database that accurately registers transactions. These detailed transactions cannot be removed anymore: it’s the ideal solution to prove who signed or approved them. Bitcoin is a good example of a monetary transaction system that makes use of Blockchain.

Smart Contracts trigger dynamic exchanges

Next to this, Trase is also specialized in Smart Contracts. Like their name suggests, these are digital contracts that enable a smarter way of working. For instance: only when a payment is received, transportation of the goods is automatically ordered in the system. You get it: these computer protocols will make classic contracts unnecessary, thus saving lots of time and effort. However, you need a partner like Trase to get the most out of their possibilities.