What Codrigo offers

  • Concept

  • User Research

  • UX / UI

  • Prototyping / Testing

  • App Development

  • Integration

Building great software takes more than technological expertise alone. You need motivated and flexible people who are ready to go the extra mile for future-proof solutions. And that’s exactly what Codrigo is about. Meet Bewire’s agile software factory.

Thinking further to build future-proof software

It takes technological expertise to build a good application. But it takes real dedication to make an awesome one. That’s how we see it at Codrigo. We always go a step further to deliver sustainable, tailored software solutions.

Turning challenges into software solutions

Whether you call on Bewire for a frontend, backend or integration solution: Codrigo will be crucial for your project. As Bewire’s software factory, Codrigo knows how to translate every challenge into a tailored solution that meets all your business needs. Our secret? Broad technological knowhow, of course. But we also encourage our people to make a difference. They grow their skills, learn from each other, and go the extra mile at each project.

Agility for maximum business value

At Codrigo, we strongly believe in an agile way of working. Instead of slowly approaching your project based on long-term presumptions, we rapidly take action, developing and launching a first version in a few weeks. We then regularly release updated versions, based on new insights and learnings. This flexible model combines best of both worlds: faster time-to-market as well as top effectiveness, resulting in maximum business value.