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Bewire is an ecosystem of enterprises specialised in IT consultancy and development. Over 50 highly trained experts help companies every day with their backend, frontend and integration needs, while keeping up with the latest technologies.

But that's not all! Apart from being the best in what we do, we also invest a lot in our recently founded innovation cell. This is where IoT stands central and all our creative minds can find the needed challenges in making the world a smarter place!

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3 companies with each their specific focus

Frontend development

For Evance, frontend is the most important part of your web- or mobile application. So many factors are at play: concept, design, UX, etc. Evance provides the needed expertise, so that you can focus on the other important pieces of the puzzle!

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Backend development

IT solution provider that offers JAVA consultancy and training to major enterprises as well as SMEs. C4J delivers state-of-the-art backend solutions for web, mobile and cloud, adapted to your wishes and needs.

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A good integration architecture enables your company to avoid the hassle of having multiple applications storing the same data and performing the same business logic over and over again. And that's where Dots&Arrows comes in!

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